3 Types Of Security Bollards

3 Benefits of Bollards

Security bollards can help keep your facility safe!

Security bollards provide an important function for your property. These pillars, which are usually steel, but sometimes aluminum, can be found all over parks, sidewalks, office complexes, and other types of property to control traffic and provide security, as well as safe pedestrian areas. Bollards are simple security structures that many may not pay too much attention to, but they can serve a number of purposes when it comes to making your property safer and more secure. Here are just 3 types of security bollards that are typically used.

1. Blockades

Bollards are a great way to create a security blockade. By placing bollards near buildings or entrances that may be vulnerable to ramming, such as banks or storefronts, you can prevent potential thieves from driving up to (or even through) your doors or windows. Bollard blockades can also be a good idea for storefronts close to a busy street to prevent damage from potential accidents. With strong, steel security bollards, you can seriously increase your property’s security to prevent theft and damage.

2. Traffic Management

Some of the most common places you will find security bollards are parks, sidewalks, and plazas. By using bollards to manage pedestrian and automobile traffic, you can make sure that pedestrians are always safe on your property. By distinguishing between your street or parking lot and pedestrian areas using security bollards, you can keep customers and passersby safe from potential accidents, while managing traffic more effectively around your property. Bollards can help keep traffic moving smoothly and make parking areas clear to prevent accidents or frustrating traffic jams. Plus, you can prevent drivers from driving onto your green space, pavilion, park, or sidewalks and potentially causing damage to your property.

3. Architectural Structure

Some people even choose to use security bollards to create architectural interest in their property. While they are functional structures, you can use security bollards to mark landmarks in a park, or create uniformity across your storefront architecture. Not only does this add security to your property, it can also add an aesthetically pleasing structure that enhance the appearance of your property. You can paint them any color or use them strategically in order to suit your style.

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