The Many Uses of Hydraulic Bollards

Hercules Fence High Security Hydraulic Bollards
Hydraulic bollards are useful in areas that need to allow authorized vehicles while keeping out any that should not be in the protected space.

Bollards are an important security feature of many commercial, and sometimes residential, properties and facilities. While they are sometimes used to deter pedestrians, they are more often used to block motor vehicles from entering an area designated for foot traffic. However, hydraulic bollards are generally used to block vehicles from areas they should not be in, such as areas not designated for the public or that have been closed.


Hospitals are host to ambulances; emergency vehicles that are often used to transport high-risk individuals for medical care. In a serious medical emergency, ambulances need to make sure they lose as little time as possible getting their patient into the hospital. If an unauthorized vehicle is blocking an ambulance zone, this will waste a lot of time the patient might not have. This is why hydraulic bollards are recommended for hospitals. They can be raised and lowered as needed to keep unauthorized vehicles out and make sure the way is always clear for the ambulances that need to move quickly.

Military Facilities

Military facilities need to keep tight security so only authorized visitors are able to enter. They are often equipped with several kinds of security measures, particularly at front gates and around sensitive areas. Hydraulic bollards are one of the key elements of these security features because they are easy to lower when authorized personnel are entering, and to raise when the base or area is closed or if unauthorized personnel are trying to enter.

Airports & Stadiums

Airports and recreation venues are also common facilities where one might find hydraulic bollards. At airports, these are often used to direct the flow of traffic. Depending on the number of vehicles present, or the time of day, these bollards can be raised and lowered by employees to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible. For stadiums, these can be used at entrances to keep traffic out when the venue is closed, and around employee or pedestrian areas to keep vehicles contained within the appropriate lots.

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