What Kinds of Facilities Should Have Crash-Rated Fencing?

Hercules High Security Crash-Rated Fencing
Crash-rated fencing is critical for the safety and security of some facilities, especially those that are intentionally targeted or have hazardous materials.

Perimeter security is critical for many homes and businesses, but there are different levels of security that can be achieved. Crash-rated fencing is one of the best options for high-security fencing and is often only used for certain facilities that need the extra protection from regular threats. This fence is incredibly sturdy, built specifically to withstand the impact of a small truck at various speeds, depending on the rating of the crash-rated fence. It’s the kind of fence you invest in when you need to keep your property intruder-free.

Deliberate Targets

Any building at risk of being a deliberate target of attack should have crash-rated fencing. These include government institutions and facilities, as well as banks and energy plants. All facilities should take the time to do a careful security assessment to determine what kind of perimeter security is best. If you feel that your facility is a target for intentional harm, consider investing in a crash-rated fence to ensure a secure perimeter to protect your property and everyone on it.

Valuable or Harmful Materials,

Properties with valuable or harmful materials will often also be deliberate targets of attack, making them prime candidates for crash-rated fencing. Facilities such as banks, breweries, and even large warehouses should consider having crash-rated fencing installed to keep potential intruders and troublemakers off of their property. Even if an incident is unintentional, facilities with valuable or harmful materials are at serious risk of intentional harm once their perimeter is compromised. Facilities with hazardous materials might even experience a serious safety hazard simply from an accident that gets past the perimeter fence if it isn’t properly secure.

Busy Area

Facilities in high-traffic areas, even if they’re not necessarily at extreme security risk, should consider crash-rated fencing. When there are a lot of vehicles going by for much of the day, accidents are bound to happen. If nothing else, a crash-rated fence will withstand the impact of an accident and could incur little to no damage depending on how serious the incident is. Nobody wants to deal with constant fence damage that requires repairs and replacements, so a crash-rated fence is a solid investment.

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