Which High-Security Options are Right for Your Business?

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Some careful consideration and a chat with a professional can help you determine which high security options are right for your business.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your business, employees, visitors, and patrons then you might be considering having high-security options installed for the best possible protection. However, you usually don’t want to make your facility impenetrable or intimidating because this could scare off potential business. It can be helpful to get an idea of what security methods similar businesses use and where you feel your business needs protection.


One of the most common high-security measures, these fences can even be found around some private and residential properties. High-security fencing comes in many different styles, so you don’t need to install razorwire and an anti-terrorist fence to enjoy a secure perimeter. Go for crash-rated high-security fencing if there are any concerns of vehicles attempting to ram it, whether it be accidental or intentional.


Barrier arms, standalone barriers, and automatic barriers are all options for any facility that needs to implement access control at the edge of the perimeter rather than at the entrance of a building. These are meant to stop vehicles at a certain point to verify authorized access before they can enter the area. These are commonly found in parking garages and lots, at military installations, and around other sensitive areas that aren’t freely open to the public.


Crash-rated bollards are important for areas that experience heavy foot traffic near roads and parking lots. These are able to stop cars from going past a certain point, protecting pedestrians and any facilities beyond the bollards. They’re common in parking garages, at sports stadiums, and around downtown metropolitan areas.


Turnstiles have evolved over the years to become a modern powerhouse in access control for buildings. These can be integrated into other security systems to read badges, tickets, passes, and other methods of identification to determine authorized entry. These are commonly found in airports and government buildings.


Gates are a lot more serious, as they block out any and all entry without appropriate identification of anyone approaching them. They can be monitored by a guard booth, but are more often automatic with a keypad or reader that allows authorized entry onto the premises. They are commonly found at storage facilities and gated communities.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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