The Benefits of Installing a Guard Booth on Your Commercial Property

Hercules Fence High Security Guard Booth
A guard booth provides extra security and strong access control for the entire premises.

There are a lot of great options when it comes to high-security installations for commercial properties. Whether it’s fencing, bollards, or barriers—security measures are utilized in many different ways to keep property and people safe from outside threats. Once inside a building, a common high-security measure that is used is turnstiles—an important part of access control. At the property’s edge, however, access control has to take on a different form to be effective. That is why you should consider installing a guard booth on your commercial property.

Access Control

A guard booth is typically stationed at a point of entry to provide strict access control to the property. This is an important security feature for many properties and businesses such as military installations or factories that handle dangerous chemicals and products. A guard booth is never a stand-alone security feature—it is often near high-security fencing and has access to hydraulic barriers for the best possible access control.

Better Security

Better access control means better security, but the guard booth goes beyond just that. The guard in the booth can put a stop to unauthorized access, but the booth itself can also deter potential trespassers and criminals from even making an attempt due to the risk of being caught. Since the guard has eyes on everyone that comes through the point of entry, it is almost impossible for anyone to gain unauthorized access to the premises.

Peace of Mind

An unexpected benefit of guard booths is the peace of mind it offers. Employees and visitors will experience higher morale and a calmer mood knowing that a trained and capable guard is on duty. Providing high-security measures and strict access control can be an inconvenience in some cases, but people will often be happy to deal with these drawbacks if they feel that these measures are keeping them safe. This often leads to happier, more productive workers.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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