2 Common Security Turnstiles

Hercules Fence High Security Security Turnstiles
There are different security turnstiles available depending on the needs of the facility.

When buildings need simple access control, they often choose to have security turnstiles installed. These are tried and true security measures that allow places such as museums and stadiums to control visitor access without having humans check every single ticket, or prisons and warehouses to carefully manage and monitor who is going in and out of the facility. Thanks to technology integration, security turnstiles are better and easier to use than ever before.

Waist-Height Turnstiles

Most people have been through a waist-height security turnstile at some point in their life. These are commonly found in bus terminals, stadiums, and museums. These can be integrated with automated systems for checking passes and tickets to allow entry into the venue, providing access control without having employees or security check every person that comes in for a ticket. These are an excellent option for public venues that don’t need the highest level of security but require some level of identification-based security to ensure everyone there has acquired access through legitimate means. They can also simply be operated manually to keep a level of order at your access points.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles look like revolving doors made out of bars. They’re kind of intimidating, but it’s for a good reason. A full-height security turnstile is the most secure type of turnstile available, making them the best choice for government buildings, prisons, warehouses, and other high-risk facilities. These will also typically have identification integration to keep them from being operated by non-authorized personnel, but can also be operated manually.

ADA Gates

The ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, requires public venues to have proper access for disabled employees, patrons, and guests. Turnstiles are not accessible to some disabled, so they need ADA gates installed nearby depending on the facility. For some facilities, a swing gate turnstile will be added or used exclusively for this purpose. These gates are not as secure, but they lack the metal bars prominent on other types of turnstiles to allow the disabled easy access. In buildings with full-height turnstiles, there will often be a door next to or near the turnstile that can is handicap accessible to satisfy the ADA gate requirements. 

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