Benefits of Security Turnstiles

Hercules Fence High Security Security Turnstiles
Security turnstiles offer exceptional access control.

Access control can be one of the more difficult issues when it comes to facility security. A credentialed door is one of the simplest options out there, but its simplicity comes with some pitfalls that are difficult to counteract. Security turnstiles do not suffer these same weaknesses, creating a strong and effective barrier at access points of your facility.


Turnstiles are excellent at providing extra security at entry and exit points. Doors that require verification to access are not as secure, due to a security risk known as tailgating. Tailgating takes place when a credentialed individual opens the door, but is followed in by an unauthorized individual. These doors have no control over how long they are open or how many individuals enter or exit, making them a challenge to keep secure. Turnstiles are designed to strengthen security, only allowing a limited number of individuals through at a time as determined by how they are programmed to behave. This greatly curbs the issue of tailgating by requiring each individual to provide credentials if they want to gain access to the facility.


Modern turnstiles can be integrated with other security systems such as doors and cameras. This creates a web of security that is better at preventing unauthorized access than any singular security measure. These integrated systems speak to each other while telling their own story of events, making it easier to diagnose and handle any problems that arise.


Turnstiles have come a long way over the years. They now accept an endless array of credentials and are available in many different designs. There are even turnstiles that are appropriate for disabled visitors, which can be implemented nearby if other turnstiles are desired. This flexibility allows you to choose how your security turnstile is implemented so that it suits your needs and provides the best possible access point security for your facility.


The best kind of crime is the one that’s never committed. Turnstiles are difficult to bypass, especially modern ones with integrated security. Due to this, turnstiles provide an excellent deterrent for any would-be troublemakers who hope to slip by your security. Leaving an opening provides an opportunity for problems, but integrated turnstiles will catch problems in the security web.


Integrated security turnstiles collect data on all comings and goings in your facility. This data can be invaluable for finding security vulnerabilities and determining visitor behavior to help you consider methods that can be implemented for tighter security, and where the vulnerable areas are located in your facility.

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