3 Reasons for Residential High-Security Fencing

Hercules Fence High Security Residential High-Security Fencing
A high-security fence around your home is attractive and adds extra security to your property.

High-security fencing isn’t limited to commercial applications. It doesn’t need barbed wire and a keypad to be secure. Residential high-security fencing is a viable option for private homes and can help deter crime while offering peace of mind. If you want your home to be more secure, it’s time to skip standard residential fences and level up with high-security fencing.

Deter Intruders

High-security fencing deters intruders by looking scary and being difficult to penetrate. Through factors such as height, visibility, and construction, these fences offer unparalleled security. They’re too high to climb, have spiked tips, lack leverage for scalers, and offer high visibility so potential intruders have nowhere to hide. With all of these factors working together, residential high-security fencing effectively removes your home as a target for crime due to the difficulties it poses to potential intruders.

Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits of extra security is the peace of mind it offers. With high-security fencing, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected from intruders. You’ll feel secure while the kids play outside or when you let your dog out to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.


Residential high-security fencing is made of materials that are built to last. High-quality metal fencing won’t rot or need constant maintenance. If it’s laid in concrete it will withstand even the most extreme weather or abuse. Most metal fencing is powder-coated so it is also resistant to rust and degradation that typically affects metal.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

Whether you need White House-level security fencing, or you need the perfect version of a white picket fence to guard your business or residential property, trust the experts at Hercules High Security. For more information and to learn how we can meet your custom fencing needs, contact Hercules High Security online or give us a call at 1-800-395-9597. Our professionals are ready to serve you from Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area to Richmond, Virginia. We have branch offices in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, and Maryland. We will ensure your investment serves your family and your business for years to come! For updates and to see projects we’re working on, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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