5 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

5 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

Security fences enhances the safety and privacy of your property while adding to the aesthetic of the area it borders.

Security fences are great features to add to the exterior of your residential or commercial properties. They’re ideal for ensuring the safety and privacy of your property while adding to the aesthetic of the area it borders. Listed below are five qualities of an effective security fence.


The height of a security fence should at least reach 6 feet. It is ideal to go higher. However, fence heights are regulated, and there are restrictions on exceeding certain heights in varying cities. Height is a great way to deter trespassers, intruders, criminals, and other individuals from trying to climb over your fence and enter restricted areas.

Secured Top and Bottom

Criminals will look for any weaknesses in your fence’s structure. Securing both the top and bottom of your security fence makes it extremely difficult for criminals to enter your property by eliminating the possibility of climbing over or going under your fence. You can secure the top of your fence with spikes or bob wire while securing the bottom with concrete.

Surrounds the Entire Perimeter

An effective security fence should surround the entire perimeter of the property it’s protecting. Leaving gaps within the fence’s perimeter gives criminals entry points allowing them access to your property. If there are trees or bushes on your property it is recommended to include them in your perimeter so that your fence can go around them, ensuring one solid barrier.


Security fences should be see-through, providing you with a clear line of sight to possible intruders and trespassers. You should be able to see people lingering and maneuvering around the perimeter on the opposite side of your fence without an obscured view. A see-through fence limits the number of hiding spots for criminals to use when trying to access restricted areas.

Security Locks

If there’s a point in your security fence that has gates, doors, or any other openings along it, there should be a locking mechanism attached, including padlocks, automatic locks, or laches, to name a few. You want to ensure the lock is installed in a secure place along the entrance of the fence and not easily picked or hacked.

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