8 Crucial Factors of an Effective Security Fence

factors for an effective security fence

Any effective security fence must have these eight factors considered.

Security fencing is an essential element of perimeter security. However, if your security fence is not designed correctly or designed with security features in mind, you won’t be getting much out of your new fence. Read on to learn more about the requirements of an effective security fence. 

The Fence Height

An effective security fence must be a proper height. Potential intruders will be able to climb over the fence with relative ease if your fence is not at least six to eight feet tall. 

The Body of the Fence 

The body of your security fence must be designed so that there are no horizontal bars that can act as footholds. You will require strong horizontal bars on the very bottom and top of the fence to hold the vertical bars in place, but since these bars are excessively low and high, they do not help climbers

The Design of the Top of the Fence

An effective security fence will not only keep out climbers by eliminating footholds but will deter intrusion by implementing security features along the top of the fence. Many security fences have a rolled top, which curves outward to prevent climbers from getting over. The top of the fence may also contain barbed or razor wire to eliminate trespassing. 

A Strong Foundation

Without a strong foundation, your otherwise effective security fence could be displaced or dug under. Most permanent security fences have concrete foundations, some for each post, and others for the fence’s length. The exact foundation construction depends on the location of the fence and the protection it needs. 

Access Points

Every fence needs at least one access point to allow authorized people to enter and exit the property. These gates must be as secure as the fence, which means the hinges and the gate’s body must be equally robust and reliable. 

The Lock

No gate can keep intruders out unless it is securely locked. The lock, or access control system, on your effective security fence gate, must be strong and capable of withstanding attempts to unlock or break it. 

Security Fence Appearance

A temporary security fence built around a construction site does not need to have its appearance considered, but a permanent fence around a commercial property should look attractive. This is helpful to the business or facility that owns the security fence; they most likely do not want to intimidate authorized visitors from their property with an eyesore of a fence or an overly-intimidating style. 

Durable Material

The material of an effective security fence must be durable. Your security fence is a high investment, so it must last a long time and provide the security you are paying for. If your security fence is not built with durable materials, it will not be an effective security fence.

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