Your Anti-Climb Fence Design Options

Razor wire anti-climb fence

Razor wire is one anti-climb fence tool that will help prevent trespassers from gaining access to your property.

Anti-climb fences are one of the most secure fencing options. Besides looking intimidating to potential trespassers, anti-climb fences provide physical barries to entry if any person attempts to gain access over the fence. However, not every anti-climb fence is suitable for every property. Read on to discover the various designs available for anti-climb fences, and learn which elements are best for your high-security anti-climb fence. 

Size and Shape of Fence Posts

The size and shape of your fence posts are a major determining factor for those attempting to climb it. For an excellent anti-climb fence, you want every part of your fence to be impenetrable, starting with the posts. If the posts are large or have sharp edges, those posts are difficult or uncomfortable to grasp. 

Sharpening the tips of the fence posts is also a strong climbing deterrent. Sharpened fence posts become dangerous to climbers, and can snag clothing. A fence with these anti-climb posts is useful for discouraging spontaneous climbing, but to sufficiently deter trespassers, you will need more security elements. 

Angled Fences

If the top of your security anti-climb fence is angled outwards, this can discourage climbing by making access much more awkward and difficult. If someone has enough skill and strength, however, they can maneuver over these fences, so it is best used in tandem with other anti-climbing measures such as the materials listed below. 

Anti-Climb Fence Materials: Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Razor Ribbon

These three materials are all very similar to one another. Barbed wire, razor wire, and razor ribbon are all variations on sharp, pointed metal wires. These will harm a person who tries to climb over the fence, but mostly discourage climbers from merely how it looks. 

Overall Intimidation Factor

The first way to discourage trespassers from your property is to create a fence that looks intimidating enough that climbing does not seem possible. You can create this intimidation by including warning signage, security cameras, and equipping your fence with the aforementioned anti-climbing elements. However, when trying to craft an intimidating fence, you should be mindful of how it might look to your everyday visitors, customers, employees, and potential investors. Depending on your kind of high-security facility, high intimidation may be best. Still, it is wise to consider the needs of your business and property and how you want it to appear to your community. 

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