Barbed Wire vs. Razor Wire for High-Security Fencing

barbed wire

Here are some key differences between barbed wire and razor wire to consider for your high-security barrier.

If you are looking for a fence topper for your high-security perimeter fence, you may be weighing the pros and cons of both barbed wire and razor wire. Although the two seem very similar in construction and structure, they each have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to high-security perimeter protection applications. Here are some key differences between barbed wire and razor wire to consider for your high-security barrier.

1. Barbed Wire

Barbed wire consists of fencing wire with sharp, pointed knots of wire placed at regular intervals. It is just as flexible as the fencing wire upon which the barbs are placed, and as such, it is relatively affordable and easy to install. Barbed wire is often used for containing cattle, as the barbs are enough to repel them without causing significant injury. Humans, however, can get around barbed wire at low height with sufficient ease by simply bending the wire. Because of this, barbed wire is best utilized as a human deterrent by placing it atop a high fence which limits the mobility of potential intruders.

2. Razor Wire

Razor wire, on the other hand, is made of steel tape which is formed, punched, and crimped around the main strand of high-tensile wire to form a wire with punched-metal blades running along its sides. Unlike barbed wire, razor wire is tough to bend and requires specialized tools to install, maintain, or cut. Because of this, razor wire is usually the more expensive option. Razor wire is often used by the military, prisons, and other high-security organizations to prevent people from breaching the perimeter. Because razor wire is almost impossible to bend or move and is covered in sharp edges, serious injury is almost inevitable when trying to get around it. This makes the wire great for mission-critical barriers, but it is not ideal for protecting cattle or other livestock.

3. Which Should You Choose?

Which wire to choose depends entirely on the purpose of your barrier, the location of your fence, and what exactly you are trying to keep in or out. Another key factor is the amount of damage that should be dealt to potential intruders. Razor wire is great for barriers of any height in situations where a perimeter breach must be prevented at any cost, including the cost of serious bodily harm to intruders. Barbed wire is ideal for use as a mild deterrent for people when used on tall fences, or as containment for livestock. Contact the high-security fence installation experts at Hercules High Security to find out which fencing options are best for your property.

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