3 Reasons to Consider an Electric Fence for Your Property

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Here are three reasons you should consider installing an electric fence to protect your property.

While many of the common uses for electric fences are in the agricultural sector, electric fences also provide a reliable option for high-security commercial and industrial fencing applications. Some people are intimidated by the prospect of using electric fences as a perimeter security solution because they do not like the idea of using electric shocks on people. In reality, the electric shock dispatched by electrified fences is only enough to alarm and deter intruders and is usually not enough to seriously injure them. With this in mind, here are three reasons you should consider installing an electric fence to protect your property.

1. Easy to Install

Contrary to what you might think, electric fences are fairly simple to install.  Components of electric fences are relatively light and easy to transport, and while electric fences do require some electrical work to install and maintain, they are a cost-effective perimeter solution. Electrified fence toppers can be installed next to or on top of many existing fences, which makes electric fencing options ideal for fortifying existing perimeter protection.

2. Low Maintenance Requirements

Unlike fences made of some other materials, electric fences have low maintenance needs. They are often treated with a rust-resistant coating, which means that you do not need to seal, paint, or stain the fence in preparation for inclement weather. However, there are a couple of maintenance needs that electric fence owners will need to address. Firstly, plants and other debris should be kept away from electric fences, especially if the weather is hot and dry. Dead plants, dry grasses, and flammable debris can start fires when they come into contact with electric fences. While other fences should also be kept clear of debris, the consequence of falling behind on maintenance is not usually a fire. Secondly, the wiring will have to be checked regularly to ensure that all connections are functioning properly and that the wires are supplying the appropriate voltage.

3. Effective

The biggest reason to install an electric fence to protect your property is that they are effective. The sight of an electric fence is often enough to act as a visual deterrent for intruders, and those who still attempt to climb over an electric fence are treated to a non-lethal jolt of electricity. If a shock is still not enough to prevent intruders from breaching your perimeter, modern alarm systems used in conjunction with electric fences can alert you or your security team to the presence of the trespasser.

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