Which High-Security Perimeter Solution is Right for Your Commercial Property?

high-security perimeter

Read on for five barrier options that you should consider for your high-security perimeter.

We spend a lot of time thinking about the safety and security of our homes, but when you’re a business owner, you also have to make sure your commercial property and business are secure. Thankfully there is a range of perimeter security solutions to meet your needs. But how do you know which one is the right one for your property? It depends on what your security needs are. If your needs are mostly for privacy, you will need a different barrier than if you need to prevent large vehicles from breaking through your fence. Read on for five barrier options that you should consider for your high-security perimeter.

Crash-Rated Fencing and Gates

Commercial fencing is often the go-to solution for creating a high-security perimeter, and for good reason. If your business requires a high degree of security (for protecting sensitive information, for instance), consider crash-rated fencing. Crash-rated fencing is fencing that is strong enough to withstand being crashed into by a vehicle. It is rated K4, K8, or K12, with strength ranging from being able to stop a 15,000 lb vehicle traveling at 30 MPH (K4) to 50 MPH (K12). Crash-rated gates are also built to withstand collisions and given the same grading scale as the fencing.

Crash-Rated Bollards

If your property is at risk of individuals ramming the perimeter with a vehicle to gain entrance (often in cases of theft, for instance), crash-rated security bollards may be the right choice. Bollards are short, sturdy posts that are evenly spaced to prevent vehicles from accessing an area (but will not prevent foot traffic). These bollards offer great protection against perimeter assault by vehicle.

Crash-Rated Cable Barriers

Government, military, and other high-security buildings often use cable barriers to secure their facility entrances completely. These barriers completely block the entrance, and the cables can act as an anti-ramming measure as well.

Electrified Fencing

Electrified fencing has both security and farming applications. It uses a nonlethal shock to deter people (or animals) from trying to get through. The signs that state that it is electrified are also a visual deterrent.

Anti-Climb Fencing

While most security fencing protects against vehicle assault, anti-climb fencing also deters individuals from trying to scale the fence. This is a great option if your property needs a high-security perimeter on all sides.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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