Reasons to Have an Automated Security Gate Installed

Hercules High Security Automated Security Gate
An automated security gate provides a layer of extra protection with the convenience of automation.

When you want or need a little extra security but a front gate guard isn’t an option, consider having an automated security gate installed. These gates amplify your security by implementing anti-climb measures and requiring appropriate credentials for entrance while offering convenience to anyone authorized for entry. Automated security gates can save you a lot of trouble by adding another level of security to your property.


It’s right there in the name—security gate. These gates are perfect for businesses and homes because they add an extra layer of protection to any perimeter. If you already have a security fence, a security gate is a critical component to keep the strength of your perimeter fence at its peak. If they can easily get through your gate, then there’s no point in investing in a security fence.

Access Control

The most important security feature of these gates is access control—they keep out any unauthorized visitors. A proper security gate isn’t satisfied with just looking hard to get into, it will be difficult to breach. Aside from the automated security system that is checking credentials, these gates will be tall and have anti-climb measures to keep hopeful trespassers from being able to get over them. A security fence is only as good as its weakest link, so it’s critical to maintain that security by having an equally-secure gate installed.


Automated security systems make it easy to implement security and access control without a lot of extra baggage. Since the system is automated, there’s no need to get out of the car and open the gate manually, which would be a major inconvenience when entering late at night or during severe weather. It also ensures that someone who is entering doesn’t have to wait for another person to let them through. With the appropriate credentials, they can enter at their leisure without needing to call on anyone else.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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