5 Benefits of Palisade Fencing

Hercules Fence High Security Palisade Fencing
Palisade fencing is an excellent choice when you need superior protection from potential intruders.

The best security fence is the one that stops a potential intruder before they even attempt to breach your perimeter, and palisade fencing can do just that. Appropriate for both residential and commercial security, palisade fencing offers superior protection by being difficult to breach and just as difficult to approach with the intent to breach it. Its intimidating look and excellent durability make it a top choice for high-security fencing.


Palisade fencing lacks solid footholds that potential intruders can use to scale your fence. In addition, the top of the fence features one or three sharp points that will make it difficult for anyone to get over it without sustaining injury. Any attempts to get over the fence will likely be deterred by the painful reward the potential intruder receives once they plant their hand on something sharp.

High Visibility

Good visibility is important for high-security fencing. Everyone outside the fence can see in, but you can also see out. Potential intruders can hide behind a solid wall and utilize hiding spots to make it easier to invade your property. With palisade fencing, you can see what anyone outside the fence is doing, so they will be deterred from attempting to scale the fence since there’s nowhere to hide.

Strong Deterrent

What palisade fencing lacks in fashion sense it more than makes up for with its intimidation factor. With its no-nonsense design and pointed tips, palisade fencing offers a strong visual deterrent to any would-be intruders. The best kind of intruder is the one that didn’t even try.


Palisade fencing is made of durable steel and is galvanized or powder coated for an added layer of protection and extra durability. This fencing will stand up to man-made abuse as well as extreme weather conditions without sustaining extensive damage. It also prevents potential intruders from being able to find or create weak spots to sneak through so they can bypass the pointed tips.

Low Maintenance

Palisade fencing requires very little maintenance, which is great when you need your fence to be strong and secure at all times. It should be checked regularly for loose or missing hardware and it can be given a power wash when it gets dirty. Check the protective coating once a year to make sure it’s holding up and doesn’t need to be touched up or redone.

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