Active vs Passive Security Bollards

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It’s beneficial to understand the difference between active and passive security bollards and their preferred applications.

If you run or manage a facility that needs crash-rated fencing, you probably have also considered the use of bollards. There are many different types of bollards on the market today, from directional bollards to security bollards. In short, a bollard is a post that is installed to direct traffic flow or provide protection. Usually, bollards are short and sturdy, but sometimes they are flexible so that emergency vehicles can drive over them. Most security bollards are very rigid and sturdy, but sometimes they can be moveable as well. Usually, this is referred to as being an active security bollard – meaning that there is some action or movement to them. Both active and passive security bollards are an important part of a security perimeter. But what is the difference between an active and a passive security bollard? Read on to learn more!

Passive Bollards

Passive security bollards are bollards that are installed permanently on a property. They are often used to provide additional security to a building or fence, protecting against vehicle attacks. These should not be installed in areas that emergency vehicles may need to access nor in areas where traffic needs to be slowed or stopped but not impeded. Passive bollards can’t be removed at will, making them stronger and more sturdy, but also permanently restricting access. Passive bollards are often installed on sidewalks around high-target buildings and in addition to other security measures like fences. 

Active Bollards

Active bollards are those that can be removed or withdrawn to allow traffic to enter as needed, such as hydraulic bollards. These are often used at gates or other points of entry, here traffic needs to come to a stop, but will be allowed through after some sort of check. Active bollards are also often added to gates as a defense against gate-crashing, and they can either be left down and brought up to stop a vehicle or left up and only lowered once the car is cleared to pass. Active bollards are also commonly used to stop traffic from entering primarily pedestrian areas, but they can be lowered to allow emergency vehicles to access the area if they need to. 

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