Are Security Bollards Really Effective?

Bollards separate vehicle and pedestrian areas in order to keep everyone safe in areas where a security fence isn’t practical.

There are many different methods available to secure property and each one has its pros and cons. When you think of property security, most minds immediately go to security fences. Fences are a great tool for securing property, and with the right anti-climb measures they can keep most people out. Your average fence won’t prevent a vehicle that rams it from gaining access. In those situations, bollards are a much more practical tool for securing against entry. In short, bollards are short, sturdy, vertical posts. Originally used to anchor the mooring lines of ships, they have become a safety and security tool in modern days. If you’re not familiar with the different types of bollards and the benefits they offer, read on to learn more.

Security Bollards

Security bollards are very strong and sturdy structures that are intended to stop intentional ramming. There are many places where you might see these types of bollards, including in front of high-value targets like banks and jewelry stores, or around water and power infrastructure components. These bollards are not meant to be aesthetically pleasing, they are there to do an important job and they are supposed to look imposing enough to handle it. Security bollards can also sometimes be retractable, for areas that have to allow occasional traffic (like emergency vehicles) but don’t allow general traffic.

Safety Bollards

The primary purpose of bollards is to keep people and infrastructure safe. Safety bollards are the type you will often see in front of stores. They protect buildings and infrastructure from relatively low-impact crashes. These might slow down the intentional ramming of a building, but they are really intended to stop cars that lose control in bad weather or another type of accident. These don’t have to be quite as imposing as security bollards, so it is okay for them to be a little smaller and less obtrusive. 

Pedestrian Bollards

Pedestrian bollards are often more decorative. They are intended to separate traffic areas from pedestrian areas and to keep pedestrians safe. They often also show up in strictly pedestrian areas if there is a need for directional help (the pedestrian traffic flowing in different directions needs to be corralled). These bollards certainly do work, but much of it is visual, reminding drivers to be aware of walkways, curbs, and the like. These types of bollards may also be stationed in the roadway for traffic calming measures, especially around pedestrian areas.

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