What to Look for During a Security Fence Inspection

Doing regular inspections of your security fence will allow you to catch issues before potential trespassers can exploit them.

Both residential and commercial properties will benefit from high-security fences. In fact, many of these properties might already have a high-security fence already installed. With that, comes routine inspections to ensure the high-security features of the fences themselves are still effective and efficient. The reality is, finding any problems or issues early on is the best way to ensure that all your properties are adequately protected. Ultimately, there are some helpful tips to help make sure that your high-security fence maintains its effectiveness. Here are the best things to look for when it comes to a security fence inspection to ensure your property continues to be safe and secure for many years ahead.

Monitor The Posts

The first thing that’ll usually be a key signifier that your high-security fence might not be working properly has to do with its posts. In fact, if you’ve already started to notice that the posts themselves are starting to separate from the fence, then you might need to repair your security fence immediately. The reality is, even if your posts aren’t totally separating from the fence, if they are misaligned, that’ll also signal that something is awry with the security strength of your fence. Ultimately, while small areas of separation are common over time, they will actually render the security fence totally useless and won’t provide the necessary security you expect. 

Monitor The Bases

Another component of the fence that you will want to look at includes the bases. In fact, after a lot of wear and tear, the bases of your high-security fence are likely to take a beating. The reality is, during a security fence inspection, it’s imperative that you take a peek at the base of your fence. Ultimately, by doing so, you make sure that you notice if there are any uneven or unstable areas that could impact the security aspect of your fence overall.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having a security fence that doesn’t actually provide the security features you’re relying on when it comes to protecting your property effectively and efficiently. In fact, being mindful of specific areas of the fence as you undergo the routine security fence inspection can make a world of a difference in ensuring your property is properly protected for the long haul.

Choose Hercules High Security for Your High Security Fencing

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