5 Options When Considering a High-Security Chain Link Fence

Hercules High Security Chain Link Fence
There are many options available to take the security level of your chain link fence up a notch.

When you think of a high-security fence, you’re probably not thinking about chain link. Amidst other options such as palisade and impasse fencing, chain link can feel kind of basic. What’s great about chain link is its affordability, as well as the customization options available to create an effective high-security fence. There are several options to choose from when considering a high-security chain link fence.


All chain link fences are not created equal. While most residential chain link fences will be of a similar gauge, there are many gauge options available. Residential fences are usually high gauge, meaning they’re thinner. If you’re wanting a more secure chain link fence, consider a lower gauge for a thicker mesh that is harder to tamper with or get a foothold in.


Protect the base of your fence with a bottom rail or buried mesh. Intruders don’t always go over the fence, they can also choose to crawl under it. If there are already open spaces around your fenceline, this option will be even more tempting. Securing your fenceline with a bottom rail, or burying mesh during installation, will deter trespassers hoping to get underneath your fence.

Steel Fittings

Steel fittings can be tack welded into place, making them a popular option for high-security fencing. Aluminum fittings don’t have this option, making them easier to tamper with. Having stronger fittings will make it more difficult for anyone looking to take apart your fence to gain entry.

Barbed Wire

An old favorite, barbed wire is an excellent deterrent for potential intruders hoping to get over your fence. Subject to coding, barbed wire won’t be available in all areas. However, if it’s available, it can be installed in up to 3 strands to create a very intimidating barrier around your property.

Detection System

A detection system can be installed with your chain link fence that detects vibrations and sets off an alarm to alert you to something tampering with your fence. No matter how secure your fence is, there is always the possibility someone will attempt to penetrate it. The security measures put into place will slow them down, allowing you time to respond to the alarm and stop them before they’re able to get through.

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