3 Types of Automatic Gates for Your Commercial Property

automatic gates

In this post, we will discuss three types of automatic gates that you can use to protect your commercial property.

Your property is only as secure as its perimeter’s weakest point. For many properties, that weak spot is the gate. Access control solutions are constantly evolving, and there is no excuse for leaving a perimeter open. All facilities with fences or other security barriers need to have secure gates to ensure the efficacy of their barriers. There are many types of gates that can be used for various applications, but automatic gates are some of the most popular. Often used to regulate vehicle traffic, automatic gates can make perimeter control easy and secure. In this post, we will discuss three types of automatic gates that you can use to protect your commercial property.

Vertical Lift Gate

Vertical lift gates operate in much the same way that a home’s garage doors do. They require very little space on either side of the gate, and the gate panel itself is raised up to the ceiling. These gates are beneficial for facilities like parking structures, especially those in urban environments where space is at a premium. Automatic gates in the vertical lift style are very compact and do not take up much space.

Slide Gate

Slide gates are automatic gates that slide from side to side on a track. They necessitate having space on the side that is at least as wide as the gate so that the panel has somewhere to go when it opens. These are popular for gated neighborhoods, warehouses, and other large commercial or residential properties. Slide gates can be made of chain link, wrought iron, or virtually any other fence material. While they are an excellent option for many applications, they can have serious maintenance needs to keep them up and running properly.

Swing Gate

To the untrained eye, swing gates can look very similar to slide gates. However, instead of sliding on a track, they swing open like a door. Swing gates require the most space because they swing outward at a 90-degree angle to open. They often need a security presence to make sure that vehicles gaining entrance are stopped at a sufficient distance and will not be hit by the opening gate.

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