Perks of Integrating High-Security Guard Booths

Here are a few perks of integrating high-security guard booths at a commercial business or federal facility.

At Hercules High Security, we professionally design and expertly install high-security guard booths for commercial businesses and federal facilities. As part of a high-security fencing system, integrating a high-security guard booth can offer many perks for a gated community. A high-security guard booth can provide security guards with adequate shelter, increased control access, and sound protection of a facility in the event of criminal activity. Here are a few perks of integrating high-security guard booths at a commercial business or federal facility.

High-Security Guard Booths: An Extra Security Layer

Guard booths serve as an extra security layer at a gated fence. Guards position themselves inside of a guard booth and can stand duty at any given time to protect a commercial business or federal facility from criminal activity. A guard booth ensures that there’s always security on-site to control vehicles’ entry and exit and foot traffic surrounding a gated entry point. An investment in a guard booth pays for itself and provides high-security to businesses and facilities that need it the most.

Provides Shelter for Guards 

A guard booth is an excellent choice to provide shelter for security guards on commercial business and federal facility premises. Rather than having security guards head inside a commercial business or federal facility, guards can remain on-grounds at a guard booth to ensure the protection of premises is ongoing, even in inclement weather instances. 

Quick Crime Response

Staffing a guard booth with a security guard provides a timely crime response for premises that need it the most. Rather than having to wait for the police to arrive in the event of criminal activity, a staffed guard booth can provide a quick crime response to protect occupants of buildings from unpermitted entry. This is especially important in federal facilities that may be at an increased risk of terrorist activities. Guard booths can also provide security guards with monitoring capabilities, particularly for establishments that have on-video surveillance.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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