Choosing the Right Fence Style for Your Yard

Choosing the Right Fence Styles for Your Yard

Do you know what style of fence you are going to choose for your yard?

To get the most and best performance from your fence, you should do some homework to ensure that you’re choosing the right style. Fences aren’t just about looks and security; there are more factors that come into play for proper fence installation. Protect your time and investments by making a well-informed decision.


The first question you should answer before choosing a fence style is the function. Determine if the primary purpose of the fence will be to provide privacy, set boundaries, keep wildlife out and your pets in, enhance your landscaping, or add security. There are fence styles that better serve each of these purposes. If you’re upgrading your current fence, think about the strong points of this style and ways in which you hope your next fence will function better on your property.

Zoning and Codes

What type of fence are you allowed to install on your property. Depending on the municipality in which you live, there will be codes and zoning laws to which your fence must adhere. If you happen to install a fence that doesn’t fall within these parameters, you’ll likely have to pay fines or even pay to have your fence adjusted. inContact your municipality or home owner’s association to get a full understanding of your options.

Consider the Climate

Each fence material option works better in certain environments than others. While they will all require some form of maintenance, some fence materials will last longer and stand up better in various climates. You’ll also have to think about availability of materials where you live. For example, some styles of wood may be limited in certain regions around the country, making it more difficult to find or more expensive.

Complement the Architecture

Choose fence styles that will complement the architecture of your home. Although primarily considered a part of your landscape design and yard, the fence style should also work well with the style of your home. It all comes together to create a property design that will be either rustic, contemporary, classic, or even gothic.

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