3 Advantages of Turnstiles

3 Advantages of Turnstiles

Does your building utilize turnstiles? They are an excellent safety addition for any facility.

Turnstiles are tools used in security systems to help control access to a building or specific area. They give security professionals and building managers more control over who is allowed entry into a space. It helps enhance the safety of employees and authorized visitors by limiting the number of people who are allowed into a facility. They are sophisticated systems that have many advantages for integration into your security system.

Better Security

Turnstiles are used as a tool for detection as well as a deterrent. They give security personnel and building managers the ability to provide access to those who are authorized to enter the building and reject it for those who are not. Upon entering a secure facility that doesn’t use turnstiles, many people can simply walk through an open door. Although there may be a lock on the door, this process still leaves the building vulnerable to unwanted visitors. Turnstiles limit entry to one-at-a-time. After entering the building, people have the freedom to exit without going through the turnstile again.

Controlled Access

Many turnstiles are designed with access control integration. This means that they work in conjunction with doors, surveillance cameras, and other security components to create a connected system of security. Authorized personnel will present the appropriate credentials to gain entry through the turnstiles. This could come in the form of a badge or other kind of key card. The turnstile system also communicates information back to the access control system. This gives facility managers important information about the identity, time, and location of the people who enter the building.

Operational Flexibility

Turnstiles provide the ability to operate using flexible and customizable ways. They can be used going in one direction or both. Security professionals also have the ability to accommodate many different types of credential readers. In certain security situations, they can also be completely shut down, to not allow any entry, even for authorized people. Turnstiles can also be programmed to operate on set schedules, making the building completely inaccessible overnight or on holidays.

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