3 Types of Security Fencing

3 Types of Security Fencing

An anti-climb fence will help keep your property safe from intruders.

One of the main reasons that both home and business owners install fencing is for security. Fences act as a barrier between your property and the rest of the world. It shows people that you need permission to access the property on the other side. Not only that, but it thwarts the efforts of would-be burglars by acting as an obstacle that they would have to quietly and inconspicuously surpass. If you feel that your property would benefit from the addition of a security fence, here are three types that you should consider.

Chain Link

Chain link fences, otherwise known as steel mesh fencing, are constructed with stout posts that are set deep into concrete. In fact, the main purpose for this type of fencing is for security. The chain links are incredibly difficult to surpass as they aren’t easily cut. In addition to the fence itself, many people add extensions and barbed wire to the top to also take away the threat of climbing. Another way to avoid climbing attempts is with the use of plastic slats that are slid through the openings in the steel mesh. If you think that it only comes in the classic gray metal that you’re used to seeing with this style, there are also colored options that may fit your motif better.


Steel finds another home for your security in the palisade fencing option. This type of security fence uses vertical steel posts with pointed tips on the top. It would take great skill and effort for someone to be able to climb this style of fence. In addition to its effectiveness, this style also provides a more elegant aesthetic as it can be designed with quite ornate details. For added security, this style can also be outfitted with the addition of barbed wire.  


Wood fences that feature a solid wood façade go a long way at sending the message that trespassers are not welcome. Wood fences are especially effective for security purposes when they are built to be at least six feet tall. Vertical boards rather than horizontal ones ensure that no one will be able to climb over the fence.

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