3 Benefits of Security Turnstiles

Hercules High Security Turnstiles
Security turnstiles are an excellent option for facilities that need tighter access control due to their security integration.

Creating a secure business means designing and implementing numerous tools and features that work together to keep unwanted visitors out. Some of these things are obvious, like security fences, but others are more subtle, like security turnstiles. What are some of the many benefits of security turnstiles, and should your business install them?

More Secure Than Doors

When you use doors as a way to secure parts of your building, it might seem secure. After all, you can do things like requiring someone to swipe a card or use a biometric reader before getting access. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to control how many people walk through that door. Even if you have a second door, there is no guarantee that the second person will not follow. Security turnstiles limit the number of people who can pass through at any given time. This decreases the risk of someone trailing an employee inside.

Integrate With Existing Access Control Features

Security turnstiles flawlessly integrate with existing parts of your security system and access control system. This makes it easy to implement your new features and start using them as soon as possible. We can help you choose a system that will work with any access control system that you already have in place.

Compliant for All Employees

Some companies worry that security turnstiles will make them vulnerable to pushback from employees or visitors who require accommodation under the ADA. However, we offer a broad variety of turnstiles that can accommodate wheelchairs and a variety of other aids that might make it hard to walk through a traditional turnstile. We would be happy to discuss your needs directly with you. 

Choose Hercules High Security for Your Security Turnstiles

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