Three Reasons to Secure Your Facility Using Turnstiles

Three Reasons to Secure Your Facility Using Turnstiles

One of our many options for protecting your business is the use of turnstiles.

When you’re looking to improve the security of your business there are a wide variety of factors you must consider. Businesses everywhere are under more threats than ever from both physical attacks and data or internet driven ones. Just as you need to ensure your company wifi system has a secure firewall and protection plan, your physical building needs to be protected too. At Hercules High Security we can help you develop a thoughtful, attractive security plan that meets your needs without making potential customers feel unwanted. One of our many options for protecting your business is the use of turnstiles. These useful tools help improve security and safety in a variety of ways, and today we’ll take a look at some of their key benefits.

Improved Security

Perhaps the first reason to consider turnstiles is that they allow you better monitoring and control over the safety of everyone who enters your facility. When using a keycard, biometric reader, or electronic lock, it’s too easy for someone to slip in along with another individual. While this often is only used by those known to the person opening the door, it can lead to severe problems. Turnstiles only allow one person to enter at a time, which helps to decrease the chances of unwanted and undetected entry dynamically. In the case of someone trying to slip by, most are equipped with an alarm system that can trigger. When used in combination with a security guard, this can dramatically reduce the chances of threats entering your building.

Integrated Access Control

One of the best features of a turnstile system is that it easily integrates with other elements to allow for full system overview. Used in conjunction with cameras, doors, and security equipment you can identify who, when, and where a threat occurred. These systems allow for live data display for more effective security tracking.

Emergency Situation Information

Because every user will need to enter and exit through the turnstiles the information generated can become highly useful in the case of an emergency. While you will likely open the gates or use alternate exits for an evacuation, you will have a complete list of everyone in the building at the time of an emergency. This information can prove vital to rescue workers. While this particular benefit is one everyone hopes never to need, it is a critical feature.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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