6 Chain Link Fence Maintenance Tips

A chain link fence free of rust

Chain link fences require regular maintenance in order to remain secure.

Chain link fences are one of the most reliable security fence options on the market. However, every fence needs maintenance to remain durable and effective. Chain link fences require specific care because of their unique style and materials. Before you start maintenance on your chain link fence, remember these helpful tips. 

Apply a Finish to Your Fence to Fight Rust

While chain link fences are known for their ability to withstand the elements better than other types of fencing, without a proper coating, the chain link fence can quickly become vulnerable to rust. Apply a rust-resistant finish when installing your fence, and rust-causing factors like rain, morning dew, and snow won’t damage your new fence so easily. 

Wash Your Chain Link Fence Between Seasons

You should clean your chain link fence from time to time to help rid the fence of any accumulated dirt and grass from the ground. Between seasons you can refresh your fence with a soapy water wash. You can also wax the fence, and then oil the springs, latches, joints, and more with mineral oil. You can then use steel wool to sand away scratches on the fence. If re-painting your fence, remember to let each layer dry before applying another. If you rush the painting, dripping and flaking could occur. 

Check for Loose Screws and Nails

If not taken care of quickly, loose nails can cause more extensive damage to your chain link fence. Search your fence for any loose nails, screws, or bolts and tighten them. Look closely at any gate hardware, because those sections of the gate get the most use. 

Oil the Gate Hinges

If you have a gate in your chain link fence, you will want to make sure the hinges are rust-free. You should regularly apply oil to the hinges to help prevent rust, and maintain functionality. Rusted hinges mean the gate will become very difficult to open and close.

Keep a Maintenance Routine

The best way to spot minor problems on your chain link fence is to perform a quick maintenance check once a month. Replacing pickets and palings is a relatively simple job that you can address once a month if needed. Regularly checking your chain link fence helps to avoid damage build-up that will require more time and money in the future. 

Get Help from a Professional

If you find that your chain link fence has serious structural issues, we recommend getting professional help. A fencing expert will be able to inform you of the problem and the steps needed to solve it. You should not risk starting a serious fence repair if you have not done one before, as it can lead to more damages and expenses. 

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