5 Facts About Electric Fences

5 Facts About Electric Fences

Invest in an electric fence for your commercial property today!

If you want to protect your property from  intruders, here are five facts about electric fences that most people are unaware of.

Cost Effectiveness

Electric fences are a preferred method of protection for grazing areas because of their cost-effectiveness. On average, a woven non-electric fence is about $1.93 per foot. On the other hand, for the same amount of fencing, you’ll pay $.20 for an electrified polywire fence.

Amps versus Voltage

When most people think about electric fences, they often talk more about the voltage rather than the amps. However, the ampage is what provides the shock of electric fences. Therefore, you shouldn’t necessarily equate low voltage lines with safety. In humans, it only takes one amp to cause heart irregularities that there is anywhere between 100 to 200 amps circulating through a house.

Level of Danger

Some believe that the use of electric fences as a means to keep animals within or outside of a space is inhumane. On the contrary, electric fences are not used to inflict harm on animals but rather to act as a psychological device. Ones an animal is shocked once by the fence, they learn that they should stay in that designated area.

Plant Growth

With proper care and maintenance, plants, grass, and shrubs can successfully grow if planted near electric fences. Keep in mind that if they grow high enough or bend toward the fence and eventually touch it, the plant will complete the circuit of the fence and eventually weaken the wires.

Rubber-soled Shoes

There are a lot of myths and urban legends about electric fences and what can protect you from feeling the shock. One myth says that rubber-soled shoes will prevent people from receiving a shock. This myth is mostly true. However, if the shoe soles are constructed with a mixture of materials and not rubber alone, you could still feel a shock if you come into contact with an electric fence.

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