The 6 Best Practices for Perimeter Protection

perimeter protection video surveillance

Video surveillance and motion sensors are tools you can use while implementing perimeter protection best practices.

The first line of defense for any facility is its perimeter, but any security system worth having will have layers of protection that only begins with that perimeter. With the many physical and electronic security devices available today, developing perimeter protection with a combination of tools can be a complex undertaking. However, while you design your facility’s perimeter security plan, it is helpful to remember the following six best practices that ensure an effective protection plan. 

Deter Potential Intruders

The first way you can protect your facility is by deterring potential intruders. You can take simple measures, such as hanging warning signs, using audio announcements, lighting, guard dogs, robots, and razor ribbon atop fences to discourage anyone from considering trying to trespass. You can also place security bollards near perimeter access points to deter unauthorized traffic. 

Detect Security Breaches

Installing alarm sensors along your facility’s fence contribute greatly to perimeter protection. You can also use CCTV with analytics to detect any anomalies in your perimeter. Installing motion sensors just inside the perimeter will alert you to any trespassers or unusual behavior around your perimeter immediately before the intruder can travel further. 

Dispatch Security

Once an intruder has been detected, you will need to provide the proper security response. This can include the following: 

  • Notification of local police by the monitoring station
  • Notifying on-site guard services
  • Automated responses by drones or guard robots

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for dispatching to the perimeter area to help verify and identify a suspected intrusion.

Delay the Intruder

The many layers of perimeter protection and security can work to delay the progress of an intruder. This can be done through double fencing, which requires the intruder to make it past multiple obstacles. You can also block entrance by planning two entrance doors that need verification and credentials. 

Deny Further Entrance

For excellent perimeter protection, all efforts must be made to deny the intruder further entrance. You can do this by installing extra walls, doors, or restricted access controlled gates.

Defend the Facility

At any point in your facility’s layered security system, authorized personnel should be ready to defend the facility and the people inside of it. It is the ultimate goal of all physical and electronic perimeter protection services and installations to avoid a serious confrontation. Still, first-responder personnel also must be trained and ready for decisive action for the security plan to be fully effective. 

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