How to Choose the Right Bollard Material For Your Security Needs

Stainless steel bollard material

Stainless steel bollard material gives your security perimeter a polished look.

Security bollards are available in a variety of materials to offer a range of security services. The type of bollard material that is right for your property will depend on what you primarily need your bollards to do. Bollards used for safety and security, foot traffic navigation, and path designation all require different materials. Read our guide on bollard materials to determine which material may offer you the optimal bollard performance. 

Concrete Bollards

Concrete bollards use high-pressure cement for durability and security. This bollard material is easy to paint and maintain while providing a clean finish. 

However, concrete should not be used for high-security purposes, as they are not crash-resistant. If they are crashed into, the exploding concrete sends shrapnel out that will cause excessive damage. 

Aluminum Bollard Material

Aluminum is often used for removable bollards that are used for decorative, rather than safety, applications. The lightweight and easily-castable bollard material oxidizes naturally to protect against corrosion. If you plan on placing your bollards along a coastline, aluminum might be your best option. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bollards have a shiny finish that presents a clean and polished look. These bollards also resist corrosion and accept powder coatings with ease so you can change your bollards to match your building’s color scheme. 

Structural Grade Steel

Steel pipe bollard material provides excellent impact resistance. You can paint these bollards or cover them with protective sleeves to avoid corrosion. 


This lightweight material is durable and resists wear resulting from de-icing chemicals and solvents, which makes it great for cold weather climates. The material will not chip or fade, and it will not sustain serious damages from auto collisions. 

Wood Bollards

Wooden bollards are easy to run over with a car or truck, so they are primarily decorative. They also require a lot of care and maintenance and can be prone to paint chipping and rot. 

Ductile Iron

Ductile iron can be cast in a variety of shapes and contains trace amounts of magnesium to avoid premature breakdown. Ductile iron is also a good bollard material choice because it can withstand almost any impact. 


This plastic bollard material can bend as far as 90 degrees without compromising its shape. This material is also resistant to UV rays, scratches, and dents. These bollards will give when under the weight of a vehicle, but they will help slow the car down. 

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