Which Security Bollard Installation Is Right For Your Property

A row of concrete security bollards.

Security bollards such as these are fixed and permanent, just one of several types of bollards you can install on your property.

Security bollards are functional, sometimes decorative, posts that enhance perimeter safety on your property. Bollards can be used to calm traffic, create visual perimeters, protect assets, and more. Security bollards also come in a variety of styles, from stainless steel to cast iron, to custom designs. Security bollards also have variable installation methods. Depending on your type of property and the kind of security measures you are looking for, you may want to decide on a specific security bollard installation method. Hercules High Security recommends reading our guide below on bollard installation to determine which method is best for your property. 

Factors to Consider

Before you decide on your preferred security bollard installation method, you need to consider whether the bollards will be fixed and permanent or removable and often changed for access control. You will also want to know whether you will need high-impact bollards or low-impact. High-impact bollards are best if you are protecting your property from potential vehicle impact. 

Fixed, High-Impact Bollards

Steel pipe security bollards are embedded deep into the concrete so they can become sturdy, fixed devices. You can place decorative bollard covers over these for aesthetic enhancement, if you wish the bollards to represent your company’s colors, for instance. This type of bollard installation is your best protection against vehicular traffic if you need to keep your building and pedestrians safe. 

Fixed, Low-Impact Bollards

These bollards are installed into new or existing concrete with mounting hardware such as threaded rods, anchor castings, or concrete anchors. These bollards may also be embedded in fresh concrete. While these security bollards are fixed and permanent when installed by these means, they are low-impact and serve primarily decorative purposes. They may be placed around landscapes or monuments as a visual barrier and deterrent to pedestrian access. The bollards offer little impact resistance and have no extra security features. 

Fixed, Surface Mounted Bollards

The surface mounting installation uses bolts and concrete anchors to secure bollards into existing concrete. There is no need for digging or pouring concrete. These security bollards do not offer heavy impact protection from vehicular impact, for example, but they are strong enough to withstand impact from carts and other warehouse vehicles. These bollards are useful for protecting warehouse inventory, as well as marking perimeters in a parking lot. 

Removable & Retractable Bollard Mountings

Removable mountings allow security bollards to be temporarily removed to allow access when necessary. Removable bollards are installed with special mounts into new or existing concrete. Lock pins and mounts are used to secure bollards to mounts. However, this bollard installation offers little impact resistance. These bollards are primarily useful for changeable vehicle access into certain roads or event spaces. The adaptability of these bollards is also beneficial for increasing security during non-operating hours of locations such as a warehouse loading dock or public park. 

Retractable bollards are hydraulic powered and retract straight into the ground to become flat with the ground whenever access is required. The hydraulic bollards can be controlled by a security guard with a push-button, or via toll booth pay systems. 

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