5 Advantages of Welded Wire Fencing

welded wire fencing enclosure

Welded wire fencing installed by Hercules Fence will give you unparalleled facility security.

If you have an area on your property that you want to keep secure from intrusion, welded wire fencing is one of the best fencing options for guaranteed security. This type of fence is one of the most heavy-duty and impenetrable fences on the market, and it comes in several gauges of thickness for each facility’s needs. Read on to learn what makes welded wire fencing unique among the high-security fencing options. 

Impenetrable Security

The first trait of welded wire fencing that makes it advantageous is that it can be purchased in many different thicknesses. For instance, cattle farms can get thick gauge material that even the strongest bull won’t be able to break out of the enclosure. Welded wire fencing is built in cross-sections of welded steel and can be made at any height. Because the fence is welded together, it must be installed by professional fence installers like those at Hercules High Security. 

Unmovable Stability

Welded wire fencing is extremely stable security fencing. It is constructed from steel, and the posts that hold it up are mounted into the ground with cement footings. Depending on the thickness of the weave, the fence can take impacts from vehicles without showing much damage at all! 

Complex Construction

One of the first things people will appreciate about welded wire fencing is its intricate construction. The intertwining bands or bars across the panels make this fence appear like a fortress wall. Large, immobile construction sites may use this type of fencing as it is very strong and requires little maintenance. The sturdy panels are hooked together on a weld that will not crack over time if it has been constructed properly. This fencing can be expensive to install, but it will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and repair. 

Ability to Withstand Extreme Force

Because welded wire fencing is always professionally installed, the fence is extremely durable and strong. It can take on front impacts without showing signs of damage. This means that any impacts from large animals, vehicles, or any other large body can hit the fence without breaking it or damaging the property or materials kept behind the fence. 

Weather-Resistant Materials

A key reason why welded wire fencing lasts so long is that it is made from weather-resistant materials. The stainless steel-treated steel bands or rods help the fence stay durable even after exposure to seasons of weather. 

If you think your property can benefit from welded wire fencing, contact Hercules High Security today to discuss your installation options. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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