5 Types of High Security Fencing

Hercules High Security Types of Security Fencing
There are several different types of high security fencing to choose from, because security is never a one-size-fits-all problem.

If you own or are otherwise responsible for a piece of property, you may well relate to the (admittedly somewhat romantic) notion of “fortifying your castle” against all would-be comers. Lofty imagery aside, we must remember and abide the golden maxim: better safe than sorry—or real sorry.

Ensuring the security of your property is, of course, paramount, and such circumstances naturally demand reliable solutions. Among the arsenal of protective measures commercially available, a high security fencing system stands tallest, so to speak, as your best possible line of defense.

While no fence can claim outright impenetrability, high security fences serve as powerful deterrents and designed to engender lightning-quick response times for thwarting intrusion attempts. Complemented by advanced technologies like alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and remote access control, they form an integral part of any comprehensive security system.

Read along below to explore four superlative high security fencing options, each meriting careful consideration should the need arise to fortify that castle of yours.

Chain Link Fencing with Enhanced Security Features

Typical chain link fencing, ubiquitously spotted around homes and “light” commercial properties, falls woefully short of being a legitimate standalone high security option. However, there are effective measures to bolster an existing perimeter with features to newly warrant such designation.

Adding extensions with barbed wire or razor coils atop the fence greatly raises the risk level for potential climbers. Strengthening the lower edge with a bottom rail and incorporating underground security measures like a grade beam provides additional protective enhancement. Utilizing heavier gauge wire and a smaller mesh aperture even further reinforces chain link fence security, and in fact, opting for steel fittings instead of cast aluminum—securely welded in place—makes attempted tampering an outright (and well-deserved) pain in the… uh, neck… for any with such unscrupulous temerity.

Welded Mesh Fencing for Superior Rigidity

Welded mesh fencing systems offer what can fairly be called exceptional rigidity—making them highly resistant to climbing attempts. These panels are crafted with thicker wires and smaller apertures to create a mighty barrier indeed. The inherent rigidity of welded mesh panels often eliminates any need for horizontal railing, another (incidental-ish) safeguard against intrusion. However, it is worth noting that installation on uneven or sloped terrain is often ill-advised, as efficacy of the aforementioned perks tends to be severely reduced.

High Security Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fences are oft-associated/-pigeonholed primarily with “aesthetics,” but high security ornamental fencing handily eschews this conceit. Constructed from thicker, heavier metal, these fences offer greatly enhanced strength and durability.

They boast increased height, reinforced panels, and—the pièce de resistance—a full complement of “Try me, pal”-caliber spikes atop the structure. The infills are placed closer together here than on standard residential fences, adding yet another layer of security. Closer post-spacing and (customizable) integrated security features also help to conclusively establish high security ornamental fencing as a not-just-for-looks perimeter containment system.

Palisade Fencing for High Risk Sites

Although only recently starting to gain prominence/prevalence throughout the US, palisade fencing has been long and widely employed worldwide for securing more sensitive sites. This type of fence consists of heavy-duty posts, angle iron horizontals, and either angle iron or roll-formed pales/infills. (-“Heavy-duty” was the operative phrase, there, in retrospect.)

While bolted palisade fence systems… can be effective, welded panels offer superior security and are, one might say, the safer bet. The absence of fittings in welded systems makes breaching significantly tougher ipso facto. Palisade fencing can be further strengthened by features like razor coils, barbed wire, and/or an inset concrete grade beam for underground protection. Note once more, however, that it’s important to consider any welded system’s intrinsic (relative) lack of flexibility—i.e., capacity—to accommodate uneven ground contours. 

High-Tech High Security Fencing

Boosting the “intelligence” (thus, the effectiveness) of your high security fence with electronic security add-ons is a prudent and increasingly common choice these days. Monitored electric fence protection, taut wire fence systems, and automated perimeter-encroachment detection software can be easily incorporated into to your existing security infrastructure, thereafter providing constant real-time information to your dedicated security team.

This “smart fencing” can also (e.g.) sync with in-house and third-party alarm systems, ensuring immediate/simultaneous notification for both you and any relevant authorities in the event of a breach. Electronic security features can also detect and trigger alarms if wires are cut or otherwise tampered with. While integration of electronic systems can represent something of an investment, the state-of-the-art security offered more than justifies the consideration.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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