How You Can Landscape Your Security Fence

How You Can Landscape Your Security Fence

There are all sorts of ways you can enhance the curb appeal of your security fence!

Think of your security fence and your landscape as a security system with these elements working together to protect your property and investments. Here are some ways you can use your landscape design to enhance the benefits and function of your security fence.

Decorative Gate

Install a decorative gate to beautify your security fence and enhance its function. The gate will allow you to provide access to those you’ve authorized and control who is allowed entry to your property. It gives you greater authority in an efficient and convenient way.

Thorny Plants

Reinforce the security of your fence with a natural element that trespassers wouldn’t expect would cause them trouble. Use evergreen shrubs, saw greenbrier plants, cacti, or catclaw mimosa — they all have thorny elements that would cause injuries. Plant them along the interior of your fence as a further deterrent to trespassing and burglaries.

Visual Deterrence

Choose an intimidating security fence and landscape design.  Make its appearance look like a confusing maze. You could even include hidden elements that you would make noise if anyone is trying to approach your property in the darkness of night. Not only would this alert you to their presence but it would also likely scare off the would-be burglars.

Reliable Materials

Enhance the security and reliability of your security fence by including sturdy materials in your landscape design. Include cement pavers, brick, stone, and even wrought iron to make your fencing that much more secure. These materials can withstand great force and create a more dynamic look for your property.

Dependable Construction

Make sure that all aspects of your security fence and landscape design are installed by professionals and using strong construction. For example, make sure that the fence posts are installed deep enough into the ground that they can’t be bent or pulled by strong winds or human sabotage.


Add lighting to your overall security system for your property. Landscape lighting makes your property more secure and deters trespassers from entering your property. Adding lighting features along your security fence will make people approaching your property from the street that much more visible, which would discourage would-be vandals and burglars.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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