Perimeter Security: What You Should Know

Perimeter Security: What You Should Know

Security fences and gates can keep your property safe from unwanted visitors,

Securing the perimeter of your property is a task that requires the right collaboration of various security components. You’ll need to create the network that is appropriate for the unique features of your property. One of the main purposes it serves is to prevent unwanted entry while creating boundaries between your property and the outside world. Here’s what you should know about perimeter security.

All About Locks

The lock is one of the most basic and fundamental tools that we use for security. They come in almost endless styles, shapes, and sizes, and the purposes for which we use them are almost just as varied. In perimeter security, one of the biggest concerns surrounding locks is their vulnerability to being broken. To combat the lock being destroyed by a thief or vandal, it must be constructed with strong and reliable materials. Look for locks that are made with thick metal alloys, which help prevent cuts. To combat lockpicking or the use of bump keys, have a professional install security pins or invest in more high-security lock options.

Fencing and Gates

Security fencing provides the benefits of protection and curb appeal. You can equally protect your property while maintaining and even enhancing the beauty of your property. They offer options that provide both security and privacy advantages with the use of gates, electrification, and barbed wires. When they are alone,  they don’t provide much security but when combined with these other features they give you more flexibility of use and control. For gates, they require an electronic lock or high-security padlock, depending on how much traffic you expect through the gate on a daily basis.

Perimeter Lighting

A key deterrent to potential burglaries and vandalism is proper and adequate lighting. Lighting should be the main part of your overall perimeter security system. Many property owners opt to use motion-activated lighting, which turns on exterior lighting when motion is detected — a device that could alarm potential thieves and vandals. The key to the effectiveness of lighting is that it isn’t obstructed by a wall, tree, or shrub.

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