Maintaining Perimeter Security in Winter

Hercules Fence High Security Perimeter Winter
Maintaining your perimeter security in the winter requires durable equipment and a little more attention to your security fence.

The perimeter of any property is its first line of defense, and keeping that line of defense strong during the winter months isn’t always the easiest task. Winter brings darkness, inclement weather, and the intensity of the holiday season. Maintaining tight perimeter security requires counteracting these changes and ensuring that you have proper visibility and a security fence that is in good condition.

Fence Maintenance

Winter is abusive when it comes to fencing—between the extreme cold, high moisture, and high winds that are frequent during the winter months, it’s common for fences of all kinds to become damaged and require maintenance. During these months, especially after a severe storm or blizzard, check your fence for signs of damage. If the fence has become damaged, have a professional come out right away to repair the area. A broken fence isn’t protecting your perimeter the way it should, so it’s critical to keep it in good condition.

Check Your Lighting

In winter, we spend a lot of time in the dark. This opens up a lot of extra time for potential trespassers to attempt to sneak by your security fence undetected, so it’s a good idea to check your lighting and make sure your perimeter is well-lit. If there are any gaps in lighting, consider adding some fixtures to keep those areas visible. If any of your lights are broken or burnt out, have them repaired or simply replace the bulbs if needed. A well-lit and visible area is one of the best ways to deter a potential perimeter breach.

Proper Security Equipment

Not all security equipment is suited to be outdoors during a snowstorm. Any cameras, sensors, access control panels, or other security equipment that is going to be exposed to the elements should be able to continue working even in some of the worst conditions. If your cameras or other security tools are old, in disrepair, or not suited for significant weather conditions, consider upgrading or finding ways to weatherproof them.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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