What Makes a Security Fence Unique?

what makes a security fence unique

Its structure is one of many factors that makes a security fence unique.

Until you have to install a security fence, you may not consider what makes a security fence unique from a residential fence. While they are both fences that protect perimeters and provide curb appeal to properties, security fences are designed with special needs in mind. If you are ready to install a security fence for your property, read on to learn what you benefit from by installing a unique security fence. 

Security Fence Height

Fence height is one of the first things that sets apart security fences from residential fences. A security fence should be, at minimum, six feet high. Most security fences, though, are close to eight or ten feet tall, and some specific facilities require fences several feet taller than that. The height of a security fence is unique but necessary to deter potential intruders who would attempt to climb the fence. 

Security Fence Structure

Residential fences are often relatively lightweight since they are primarily designed for privacy and attractiveness, rather than high security. Those fences are often wood or vinyl. 

However, a security fence will have to have a stronger, thicker structure to prevent fence cutting. This strong structure also helps fences withstand blows and repeated exposure to weather. 

Security Above and Below

A security fence is unique because it can include extra security features below and above the fence. For instance, if you fear your fence can be climbed, you may consider top fence security like spikes, barbed wire, razor coils, or even electronic features. 

If the bottom of your mesh can be lifted or dug under, you may add a bottom rail to fences for extra security on the bottom of your fence. 

A Security Fence Can Withstand Vehicular Impact

A security fence can provide extra protection from vehicular impacts. Security fences can be reinforced with concrete footings and fence posts to help protect your property from auto collisions. 

When you are ready to explore your security fence options, contact the professional contractors at Hercules High Security. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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