What You Need to Know About Fence and K Rating

What You Need to Know About Fence and K Rating

The U. S. Department of State (DOS) uses the K-rating to define the strength level of a fence or gate.

Before installing your new security fence, there are many factors to consider. Fences boost aesthetic value and provide an added layer of security for your building. Whether it’s designed to frame your home or enhance commercial security, the durability of your fence is of high importance. Prioritize the K-rating of your fence to ensure your structure stands the test of time.


What is the K-rating? The U. S. Department of State (DOS) uses the K-rating to define the strength level of a fence or gate. During a crash test, a series of large vehicles drive into the fence head-on to determine the structure’s overall durability. To provide the most thorough results, the vehicles in the study interact with the fence at different speeds. Ratings are defined by the severity of the damage inflicted on the barrier.


All fences are measured under the same conditions to ensure accurate and comparable results. While the speed of the weighted vehicle will vary, each car will weigh an approximate 15,000 pounds. Fences could receive one of three distinct K-rating certifications: K4, K6, or K8. If your fence earns a K4 rating, it has successfully withstood the impact from a vehicle going 30 MPH. Fences that stop a 40MPH vehicle receive a K6 rating. The highest rating is K8, which refers to a fence’s ability to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle that is traveling 50 MPH.

Importance of K-Rating

K-rated fences are most commonly used for high-security buildings, such as government buildings or military campuses, due to their promised durability and building protection. They’re also used for facilities such as fuel depots or power plants. If your home or business is located along a hazardous road, K-rated fences would be ideal to keep your building protected from potential vehicle impacts. Invest in a K-rated fence today to strengthen your building’s security tomorrow!

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