Important Considerations When Choosing A Security Fence

Important Considerations When Choosing A Security Fence

Invest in a security fence for your property in 2019!

Adding a security fence to your property is a great way to ensure that you are safe from threats of most varieties. Whether its theft, trespassing, unwanted animals, or more, a security fence can help keep you, your property, and your loved ones safe. That said, there are several factors you must consider before you begin installing your fence.

Don’t Allow Hiding Spaces

As you’re looking at options for your fencing, consider how well someone might be able to hide behind it. Tall, gapless privacy fences can sometimes encourage theft rather than reduce it because the fence itself gives a burglar a level of safety. While they may not be able to see in to check for valuables, anyone outside can’t see them once they’re over it either. Instead, opt for a see-through fencing option that will allow neighbors or passerby to see if someone is trying to intrude.

Difficult to Climb

The next feature to pay attention to is that your fence must be challenging to traverse. The taller your fence can be, the better. While some Homeowners associations and cities might have fence height regulations, when possible you should always aim for a fence over 8’. Next, be sure that your fence has a few horizontal rails as possible. The fewer places that can be used as a foothold the better. Lastly, add a row of spikes, razor wire, or something similar at the top of the fence to make even getting to the top a danger.

Hard To Bypass

Regardless of how well built your fence is if it’s easy for potential intruders to get around it the cause is lost. Having the footings secured in concrete is a great way to ensure that the bottom of your fence is tamperproof. When possible, having the entire base in concrete as opposed to just the posts is a costly, but worthwhile investment. Make sure that your fence isn’t made from an easily compromised material. Chain link, for example, is easy to cut with simple wire and bolt cutters. Lastly, remember that your fence is only as good as the weakest point. If you have a high-security fence but your gate is easy to hop it’s time for an upgrade. Make sure that your entrance is just as secure and locked down like the rest.  

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

Whether you need White House-level security fencing, or you need the perfect version of a white picket fence to guard your business or residential property, trust the experts at Hercules High Security.  For more information and to learn how we can meet your custom fencing needs, contact Hercules High Security online or give us a call at 1-800-395-9597. Our professionals are ready to serve you from Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area to Richmond Virginia. We have branch offices in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, and Maryland. We will ensure your investment serves your family and your business for years to come! For updates and to see projects we’re working on, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

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