Strengthen Your Security Fencing with These 4 Easy Tips

Strengthen Your Security Fencing with These 4 Easy Tips

Enhance your security fence with these tips!

You may have the desire to increase the security of your fence, but you don’t want to replace your current fence entirely. With these four tips, you can continue to enjoy the look and function of your fence but with heightened security. Whether you are a business or homeowner, or property manager, there are people and investments that you’d like to keep protected.

Clear Your Landscape

Intruders look for properties that are easy to approach without being noticed. They often use the cover of darkness and choose properties that don’t have much lighting. Your best defense, in addition to your fencing, is to keep your landscape clear and open. This gives intruders fewer places to hide, making it much more difficult to approach your property unseen. Also, keep your trees pruned and away from your fence so that would-be burglars have fewer options for climbing. Pruned trees also help maintain the integrity and structure of your fence because they will be less likely to fall on your fence and cause damage in heavy winds and rain.

Install Lighting

If you don’t find your street to be adequately lit along your fence, you should install your own lighting system. Use LED options or solar panels that will allow your property to remain illuminated through the night. One of the most important factors of your lighting system is that it not be accessible by people on the street so that an intruder could easily disassemble or disengage the lighting. Places the lights on the highest points of your fence — on the posts.


Keep your fence well maintained to ensure that the structure and integrity remain strong. Check for rust, environmental damage splits, and other factors that could weaken your fence. Regular maintenance will keep it stronger for longer, allowing it to stay more secure over the years. In addition, reinforce your gate to make sure that the hinges are strong and haven’t been tampered with and that the locking mechanisms are secure.


Do your part in enhancing the security of your property fencing by being watchful of the way it operates. For example, if you have a garage that came with a remote-control roller door, be sure to watch it close completely before driving away. This way you can be sure that no one was able to gain entry into your home while the door was open.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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