4 Types of Turnstiles and the Benefits They Provide

Hercules Fence High Security Turnstiles Benefits
Different types of turnstiles provide different benefits. Knowing what benefits are most important for your facility will help you choose the right turnstile.

When you think about ways to control access to a property, often the first thing that comes to mind is a fence and a gate. Gates are the most common way to allow limited access, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Gates work very well for controlling vehicle access, but they are not as great for pedestrian control. This is because gates are usually large enough to allow more than one person through at a time. A much more controlled method for controlling pedestrian access is a turnstile. At its core, the purpose of a turnstile is to allow only one person through at a time. If you’re considering adding turnstiles to your access control strategy, you should know that there are many different types, and they can potentially provide very different turnstile benefits beyond their core purpose.

Tripod Turnstile

The tripod style is likely what you remember seeing in most venues when you were younger. It is the most common and basic style available. It blocks access with three rods that are spaced equidistantly apart, and when access is granted, the rod mechanism spins about 120 degrees to allow one body through. The tripod style accomplishes its core function, and since it has a long history of use, it is relatively cheap and reliable. It is also water and dustproof, so it is well suited to outdoor use. It can be pretty easily jumped over, however (see any 90’s movie featuring a chase through a subway station). 

Swing Turnstile

The swing turnstile is much closer to a gate since the blocking portion is a combination of rods and panels. The blocking portion swings to allow access, and locks to restrict access (. The swing turnstile offers the largest portal space, so it is the most accessible option (unlike a tripod style which can be difficult to navigate with a larger body and impossible in a wheelchair). Swing turnstiles are also often quieter and more gentle in how they contact the body.

Flapper Barrier Turnstiles

Similar to swing turnstiles, flapper barrier turnstiles use a blocking portion that is vertical to the ground. It is designed so that the barriers slide out of the path, into the units on either side when access is granted. This is the style that is increasingly common in the subway today, often replacing the older tripod style. The flapper barrier turnstile offers the fastest pass-through speed of any turnstile and is often more aesthetically pleasing. Speed gates are like a cross between flapper and swing styles.

Full-Height Turnstile

The full-height turnstile is the best when it comes to security. The series of rods cover the entire area that the pedestrian passes through and swing around to pass through a wall of rods, completely restricting the possibility of bypassing the turnstile. This is the style often seen at zoos in areas where access control includes small animals. 

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