Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Turnstiles for Your Business

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Not all businesses and facilities have the same needs, so there are some questions you need to ask when considering turnstiles for your business.

Many businesses use security turnstiles to maintain better security and proper access control. These are common in many entertainment venues, as well as high-risk government facilities. Turnstiles come in many different types with various security integration and functionality, so ask yourself some important questions before you begin the planning process for having turnstiles installed at your business or facility.

Why does my business need them?

First, you need to determine why you are considering turnstiles for your business. What purpose will they serve? The most common reasons businesses have turnstiles installed are for better access control, as well as controlling foot traffic and maintaining order. Turnstiles can greatly improve the security of many types of businesses and facilities due to these benefits.

Where will they be located?

Next, determine where the turnstiles will be located based on what they’ll be used for. Do you only need them in one area at the front, or will you need turnstiles in multiple areas around the facility or property? Figuring out where they’ll be located can also help you answer the next question.

How many are needed?

Once you know where they’ll be located, you’ll have an easier determining how many you’ll need to have installed for the best results. This can be tricky because it shouldn’t be decided based on available space alone. Remember, one of the perks of turnstiles is that they control the flow of foot traffic. So, you need to determine how much space you have, but also consider how many you need to keep the flow of traffic at a rate your business can handle.

What type of turnstile is best?

Turnstiles come in many different types now, allowing you to choose one based not just on its operation, but also its aesthetics. The classic tripod turnstile is still an option, but there are also full-height turnstiles, barrier-less optical units, glass-gated turnstiles, and drop-arm models, among others. Take the time to look into the options and determine which is best for your business.

How will they be operated?

If your turnstiles aren’t manual, you’ll need to decide how they’ll be operated by the end user to authorize entry. Some options include scannable ID, biometrics, tickets, tokens, and money. Not all of these options work for every type of business, so it’s important to determine which is best for your needs.

Do they need to do something specific?

Every facility is unique, and that means some will need their turnstiles to operate in a very specific way. This could include adding a custom feature or determining a particular mode of operation. These are important to discuss with your contractor as soon as possible so they can ensure that your system works exactly the way you need it to.

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