Anti-Climbing Measures that Can Increase Fence Security

Anti-Climbing Measures that Can Increase Fence Security

Fence toppers are a great way to reduce the chance of someone climbing your fence.

Keeping your property secure is critical regardless of whether it’s your home or business. When it comes to preventing potential threats from climbing your fencing, several options can help increase your security. Fence toppers are a great way to reduce the chance of someone climbing your fence. There is quite a bit of versatility available in the fence topper market today we’ll be discussing some of the options. Before we begin, it’s important to note that some fence toppers can be harmful to animals like domestic cats and wildlife. With that in mind, it may be helpful to discuss options with your fencing professional to see how you can find a balance of safe for animals while keeping intruders out.

Manufactured Spikes

While this method is not effective against a well-prepared thief, it does help to reduce and eliminate crimes of opportunity. Long angled spikes made of a variety of materials can be applied in strips by nailing, gluing, or stapling to fence tops.

Barbed Or Razor Wire

While not always suitable for home fencing, the wire can prove an effective measure for industrial or commercial fences. These fences may need to be over a certain height or in specific locations to allow for wire depending on local regulations. While highly effective, it is not the most attractive method and in commercial settings can lead to negative perceptions from customers.

Defensive Plants

Perhaps the most unique and attractive option for keeping criminals away is to use defensive planting. There are many types of bushes, hardy shrubs, and climbing vines that all have sharp, discouraging thorns. This option will work well for homes and businesses where aesthetics are essential, and threats are minimal. These also present less risk to animals and wildlife making it a more friendly option that’s still effective.

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