What to Consider When Planning an Anti-Climb Fence

planning an anti-climb fence

Learn how to plan the best anti-climb fence for your property.

Compared to standard security fencing, anti-climb fences are designed to add more security by guarding against trespassers, burglars, and stray animals. The design is such that it would be extremely difficult for a person to climb over the fence or cut through the material. The style of the anti-climb fence best for your property depends on your security requirements. Read on to explore a few of the most popular anti-climb fence materials and a few tips for the best accessories. 

Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wires are interlocked to create chain link fences. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. By using thicker wires, you create a sturdier fence. Chain link is relatively cost-effective, durable, and can be color coated for a particular style. Repair or maintenance is also easy because you can cut and replace wires as needed. It doesn’t take long to install or repair chain link fencing so that you can enjoy security from your fence right away. 

Mesh Panels

You may consider adding mesh panels to your secure anti-climb fence. Mesh panels create a more attractive appearance, and these see-through panels provide valuable visibility to your fence. They can keep you safe while allowing you to see potential threats outside of the fence. 

Palisade Fencing

These steel fences are almost impossible to climb and can be constructed quite high. These fences also provide style through different finishes and colors so that they can blend in seamlessly with your property design. 

How to Ensure Extra Security for Your Anti-Climb Fence

There are a few ways you can add extra security to your anti-climb fence, including the following:

  • Incorporate anti-climbing features, like extra-tall height with pointed structures or barbed wire on top. Do not include horizontal rails. 
  • Avoid solid opaque fences as they do not let you see intruders approaching the way chained or metal fences do. 
  • Make sure your fence runs around your entire property. 
  • Secure the fence to the ground with concrete for extra strength. 
  • The fence material should not be able to be cut with bolt cutters.
  • Install quality gates 
  • You can plan thorny vines or ferns along the perimeter to discourage climbing.
  • Ensure that you haven’t created accidental access points. For instance, don’t leave any furniture near the fence as it could be used to boost someone over the fence.

By creating a comprehensive anti-climb fence design, you can make sure your facility enjoys the very best security. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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