3 Benefits of Retractable Security Bollards

retractable security bollards

Retractable security bollards can limit access whenever you choose to limit access.

Retractable security bollards are one of several security bollards available for use on industrial, municipal, and commercial properties. These bollards are classified as medium security and emerge from the ground before locking into place as a security barrier. When not in use, the retractable bollards can lower back into the ground to create a seamless, hazard-free surface. If you are considering retractable security bollards for your security needs, read on to learn more about the three most significant benefits these bollards can offer. 

Retractable Security Bollards Restrict Access

Retractable security bollards are an excellent security feature because they restrict access to your property whenever you require them to, and disappear when you don’t need them. If you need to temporarily prevent vehicles from entering a specific part of a sports facility, or hospital complex, you only need to pull up the retractable bollards to make it clear access is restricted. 

Retractable security bollards can also restrict access for lighter reasons, such as when a facility or commercial property wants to square off an area for a party or special event. Once the event is finished, the bollards go back down to restore access to the area. 

Retractable Bollards Separate Traffic

Retractable security bollards can quickly separate traffic from pedestrians to promote safety in a busy parking lot. Parking lots can be quite dangerous, and bollards can help both drivers and pedestrians feel safe as they navigate their way from the parking lot to the store and back. The retractable security bollards create pathways while protecting the perimeter from oncoming traffic. 

Bollards Keep Pedestrians Safe

Retractable security bollards not only protect pedestrians in parking lots but in other areas as well. In stadium, theater, museum, and park settings, retractable bollards can restrict vehicle access to create safe spaces for pedestrians. The bollards help close off areas in museums or theaters as patrons enter and exit, or let drivers know in public parks that there are certain areas vehicles cannot access that are reserved for walking and biking only. 

Retractable security bollards help contribute to the peace of mind of a facility owner while at the same time improving the aesthetic value of many commercial and industrial settings. They are an ideal security barrier for facilities who want a flexible and versatile security plan. 

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