3 Reasons to Add Vehicle Barriers to Your Commercial Property

benefits of vehicle barriers

Vehicle barriers are an essential component of a well-rounded security system.

If a speeding vehicle were to crash into your commercial building or property, it could cause serious damage to not only the building but to people outside and inside the facility as well. One way to prevent serious damage from vehicle collisions is to install crash-rated vehicle barriers around your perimeter. These barriers are a sign to potential intruders that you are taking a proactive approach to security. There are three significant benefits to adding vehicle barriers to your commercial property; read on to learn more about what these security measures can do. 

Vehicle Barriers Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes

While not every building may be susceptible to terrorist threats, many can benefit from vehicle access control measures. In addition to serving as a deterrent to criminals, vehicle barriers can include: 

  • Creating a choking point
  • Reducing traffic speed and density
  • Increasing the safety of pedestrians
  • Allowing guards to conduct searches
  • Blocking speeding vehicles 

Facilities that are critical to infrastructure, produce hazardous materials, house political or legal institutions, or contain valuable assets should consider installing a vehicle control system. 

There are Vehicle Barriers Perfect for Any Property 

There are hundreds of vehicle barricades that can be tailored to your facility. The common styles include wedges, plates, drop arms, bollards, crash and sliding gates, and cabling systems. These can all be manual or automated, portable or permanent, hydraulic or pneumatic, and more. 

Vehicle barriers, of course, are only one part of an overall security system. They offer your property the best security when combined with guard booths, radar, surveillance, and security fencing. Most barriers require little to no energy use and only need quarterly maintenance. While the prices vary, the cost of any barriers are lower than the costs associated with repairing your facility after a crash. 

Consider your facility and its traffic and security needs before deciding on the placement of your barriers. Consult with the contractors at Hercules High Security to determine the best style of vehicle barrier and their ideal placement. 

Vehicle Barriers Give You Peace of Mind

Vehicle barriers are a “set it and forget it” method of security. Compared to staffing a guard booth or keeping track of security personnel, there is a lower level of daily investment required. This means you can rest a little easier knowing that there is a barrier between a wayward or dangerous vehicle and your property. If you use security personnel in conjunction with the vehicle barriers, you will be extra confident of your facility’s safety. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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