How Your Property Can Benefit from Security Bollards

security bollards

A high-traffic property can benefit from security bollards to indicate pedestrian-only areas.

Security bollards are a versatile form of perimeter security, and often an excellent option for properties in which a security fence or other large perimeter wouldn’t be feasible. Bollards can be used for several purposes, including preventing impacts, calming traffic, highlighting landscaping, and protecting assets. If you are wondering whether your facility could benefit from the addition of security bollards, read on to determine what these valuable perimeter additions can do for a variety of properties and installations. 

Stores and Commercial Buildings

Impact-resistant bollards can protect valuable storefronts and the people within them. Your store property can benefit from security bollards made of steel pipe and a decorative cover to match the store’s appearance. 

Campuses and Schools

Bollards can be an effective way to mark the end of vehicular traffic and the start of pedestrian-only areas on colleges and schools. By using removable bollards on these properties, the temporary passage of service, delivery, and emergency vehicles is still permitted. 


Street bollards are used to calm traffic and increase safe driving by requiring drivers to slow down. At crosswalks and sidewalks, bollards can provide visual cues to drivers that the curb is near; they also act as a barrier between pedestrians and traffic. 

Electrical Boxes and Utilities

When you need to protect electrical boxes or other utilities, security bollards can protect those items from human interference and impacts. You can also place bollards in warehouse spaces to prevent carts and transfer vehicles from hitting inventory. Brushed stainless steel bollards can be used to avoid foot traffic, slow-moving cars, and carts.


Your outdoor property can benefit from security bollards, and use them as decoration as well. The bollards will discourage entry to certain areas while simultaneously enhancing the look of the surrounding infrastructure. Decorative bollards are often used around historical landmarks, sculptures, or manicured landscapes. 

Loading Docks

At a loading dock, trucks must back up into the dock carefully so that the dock and the truck bed will align. This can put the building at risk of being hit by a truck that backs up too far. Placing bollards at these spaces can mark the width of the dock opening and increase the spatial awareness of drivers. 

Bicycle Lanes

Marked bike lanes are often not enough to keep cyclists safe on the road. Flexible bollards can be put in place to mark bike lanes, and wrapped with reflective tape to increase their visibility for both drivers and cyclists. 

Parking Lots

Flexible bollards can also help guide traffic in congested parking lots. Bollards can offer a clear demarcation of entrances and exits and can guide visitors to ticket machines and officer booths as their height and color make them extremely visible.

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