Different Bollard Types and the Applications of Each

Hercules Fence High Security Bollard Applications
There are several bollard applications that are appropriate for various properties with differing needs in traffic control and pedestrian safety.

Bollards are those posts often spotted in commercial environments acting in tandem as the barrier separating a storefront (or any building entrance) from its parking and/or designated vehicle traffic areas. Typically short and steady, these rails may seem a novel variety of “fencing,” owing to their component columns’ disconnection from/space between each other. Regardless, they are an extremely utile and versatile resource.

Although primarily functioning as a means of preemptive protection against the threat of suddenly-veering vehicles, bollards offer a surprisingly large range of (frequently overlapping) features to best suit your specific needs.

Follow along with the handy guide below to learn all about bollard applications and the benefits they can lend your business.

The Automatic Bollard

  • These can be raised and lowered electronically as needed.
  • Each column is outfitted with radio transmitters allowing for remote activation.
  • They allow for the quick, convenient transformation of a “protective barricade” into a “fully-permeable access zone”—as an example, ideal for the unloading of after-hours merchandise deliveries when foot traffic is naturally lightest.
  • Retractable varieties are perfect for blocking off points of access since those vehicles granted access are fitted with their own transmitters that automatically cause them to retract within close proximity and rise back up once the driver is beyond signal range.

The Decorative Bollard

  • Not all bollard applications are purely functional! Decorative types are available to complement your unique aesthetic—or even become a recognizable hallmark of your brand. (Consider the distinctive red, round bollards adorning the entrances to all Target superstores.)
  • These posts are frequently made of concrete or stainless steel, the former allowing a high degree of customization and the latter a sleek and attractive material in its own right.
  • Critically, protective capabilities aren’t reduced/compromised to any degree by stylization. 

The Flexible Bollard

  • Literally flexible, these plastic beams are ideal for (e.g.) redirecting traffic flow.
  • They can be “run over” to allow more flexible access, bending under vehicles without causing or incurring damage, then popping back up into resting position due to a sort of positional “memory” allotted by their material makeup.
  • Of course, the nature of this bollard application makes it an inherently poor choice as a safety measure and should, therefore, never be relied upon for that purpose.

The Permanent Bollard

  • This variety is securely fixed in place, tending to be wider and built from heavy-duty concrete.

The Removable Bollard

  • Flexibility is the defining feature of this bollard application. They can be easily removed and replaced to respectively free up space or cordon areas off.
  • They’re usually constructed from synthetic or otherwise (relatively) lightweight materials that facilitate ease of transportation while nonetheless offering reliable protection.

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