How to Carefully Maintain Your Bollards

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Bollards are critical for protecting your property and pedestrians, so maintain them carefully.

Bollards are the perfect solution to guard property and vulnerable spaces from everything, such as driveways, storefronts, bus gates, and town pedestrian zones. They act as a physical and visual barrier while enabling free pedestrian access. However, choosing the appropriate safety bollard isn’t the only consideration. It’s also essential to maintain your bollards to ensure they work optimally. Here are a few tips on how to carefully maintain your bollards. 

What Causes Damage to Bollards in the First Place?

Bollards are durable. However, if you don’t own crash-rated bollards, it can leave your safety bollards susceptible to damage. Vehicle impact is one of a few reasons that bollards face wear and tear. Fortunately, crash-related bollards can withstand driving errors. However, they also act as a physical counter-terror measure to keep spaces, buildings, and people safe from purposeful attacks. Other reasons behind bollard damage include: 

  • Vandalism: Hydraulic bollards are robust. They can sustain many dents and dings over the years and protect places like hospitals, government facilities, airports, and stadiums. However, graffiti can diminish the look and feel of an area. It’s best to address graffiti-filled damage to keep up the aesthetic of your grounds. 
  • Poor Bollard Maintenance: If your bollards need maintenance, it’s best to hire professionals who are experts in bollard maintenance. Also, cutting corners and attempting to fix the bollards yourself can be a costly and regretful mistake if you aren’t an expert. 
  • Environmental Degradation: Coastal areas with high salinity leave machinery and infrastructure susceptible to corrosion. It’s best to discuss your region’s climate and the material you desire when you hire an expert to install your safety bollards. 

How to Maintain Your Bollards

The best way to keep your bollards in the best shape is to ensure that they have a regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance schedule. However, would you know if your bollards are damaged in the first place? Here are the signs that should be on your radar: 

  • Scratches, rust, and a deteriorated finish
  • Vandalized bollards with spray paint
  • Dents or cracks
  • Excessive dirtiness
  • Shaky or loose bollards 

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